Ghanaians are wonderful people, very cheerful and easy to get along with. If you have ever travelled to Ghana or you are a fan of Ghallywood movies, there are some common attributes you will agree with me that are easily noticeable in Ghanaians.

Now, let’s find out some of these attributes that will enable one easily recognize a Ghanaian:

  • Accent

Their accent is very pleasing to the ears. I am particularly always infatuated with the manner in which they pronounce certain words like “father, mother, nurse or doctor”. When you meet a Ghanaian, you can easily tell with the manner in which they speak, it’s distinct.

  • Friendliness

Ghanaians are warm and friendly people. You will rarely come across a hostile Ghanaian, they are easy to get along with and make with friends – they stir up conversations. They are lively!

  • Physical Attributes

Their ladies are very blessed; there is no need to talk much about these, you should know what I mean by now, so moving on.

  • Skin Tone

They have beautiful shiny dark skins. Maybe not all are dark skinned but dark Ghanaians have a skin tone that is quite unusual from a regular dark Nigerian you will meet.

  • They are well acquainted with Nigerian Music

Talking about popular Nigerian songs by Nigerians Artists, they are well grounded, you cannot beat a Ghanaian to it, and you will be amazed on how well they know these songs – even better than you do.

  • The Jollof Rice Argument

When you meet a Ghanaian, he or she will always bring up the facts they make better Jollof rice than Nigerians. This argument has been on for a long time and it is definitely not going away anytime soon. As a Nigerian visiting Accra, you should taste the Ghana Jollof rice. – It actually tastes great!

Source – Bossu Kule, GhJoy.Net

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