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Many people rush into wrong relationships because they are desperate to get married without taking into consideration the longevity of their marriages.

Their main aim is to tie the knot therefore neglecting the essential things to look out for in their partners.

This has been a major factor of break -up in marriages lately. You are always looking out for physical qualities such as; beauty, wealth, body stature etc.

Never forget that these qualities are not permanent and can vanish within the shortest possible time.

But the question is, will you be able to stay your spouse when a misfortune occurs?

One should be prepared for unforeseen contingencies. Will you still have feelings for your partner after he or she loses a part of the body when involved in an accident?

Will you still cherish your wife after her breast sags and her beauty fades? Are you going to stay with your husband after his financial status changes from good to worse?

Will you continue to use the endearment terms such as ‘Honey’, ‘Babe’ when such situations happens? Or you will get them a nickname which will be related to their condition.

True love never wanes. That is why the love you have for your partner should be unconditional. The inner beauty of a person should be the first thing to consider when searching for a potential wife or husband. This is what you should be after and not physical beauty.

Some people are in a hurry to say the ‘I do ‘and ‘till death do us apart’ vows heartily without the intentions of keeping them.

You want to call it a quit when you start facing the least challenges that pop up in your marriage.

The true meaning of dating

The intended meaning of courting one’s partner before finally tying the knot has lost its sole meaning.

In our world today, sex has been the main focus in relationships instead of concentrating on potential red flags which could easily break your relationships. You should know the temperament of your

potential partner and find out the things you have in common as well as sorting out your differences. This is the stage to find out whether you are compatible with your significant partner or not.

Compatibility in relationships can add spices to your relationship which will go a long way to spark up the relationship.

This has to do with how well you get along with your partner. The games you both love playing, the genre of music, food, clothes etc.

Most couples who are not compatible have relationship problems that can lead to a break up.

You should assess your partner very well and identify areas where you are connected.

You also devise ways and means to tolerate each other in areas you have conflicting views or where you don’t share a common interest.

Taking your time to know your partner well before walking down the aisle is better than rushing into a marriage which will soon be on rocks.

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