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Yes, you are in the shower soaped and the phone rings…

You get out risking your neck and guess who the call is from, 313, a commercial phone call!!! Some singing and some advise on what to buy and where.

It is incredible the number of privacy violations we are subjected to through the mobile phone- receiving unwanted calls and unwanted SMS.

The question is how do Telcos get the right to use the data belonging to a client for commercial purposes.

I am a perfect nobody, and I receive an unreasonable number of calls and SMS during the day.

The new business in town is SMS shots many companies get access to data from the various telcos and send any kind of SMS.

This is what I got in a few days: Thai massages, Airline, churches blast, restaurant opening, website launch, concert and parties, etc.

At this point, I will like to know how many of you readers are subjected to the same nuisance and what is the NCA’s (National Communication Authority) position on this; don’t they also receive the same treatment?

The wonder is that sometimes while I am not able to make a phone call due to network failure, I still receive these damned messages and calls.

I am using this medium to find out if the issue is related to a particular network- in my case Vodafone- or it is generalize; and in the case of the latter, will it not be the case that authority has to step in and moderate the misuse of our data for evident reasons with the telecom companies, but unduly used??

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