The much talked about show “I’m In Love With Bomaye” came to an end last sunday. The whole concept of the show was for a king to live in a house with 12 maidens, evict one or more each week and finally choose a Queen at the end. This show has been running for the past 13weeks and last sunday was supposed to draw down the curtain on the show.
The show which was advertised to start at 6pm,actually started at 8:30pm and there was no notice or anything to viewers. It opened with what looked like a red carpet presentation with a hostess who could hardly be heard by the guests on the carpet. Timothy then took over on the main stage and after the usual greetings to the audience, introduced the first performers on the night Nframa. After their performance,A-Plus came through with some comedy.He introduced next the FOKN Bois but that performance never came through as the screen was taken over by commercials.The next thing viewers saw was the co-host introducing the channel manager for Cine Afrik,no apologies what so ever. After her speech, the FOKN Bois finally came to perform which honestly was more like two people playing around.
Then there was a fashion show which was better not done because the “models” were just a joke and the least said about them the better. Then there was a long speech from the director of access Media the organizers and producers of the show. At certain times she sounded quite scared and not confident. There was also a performance from Akosua Agyapong which wasn’t so impressive.
The evicted maidens were then called and presented with prizes. Jon Germain then came to perform and honestly if you ask me, i think he should just stick with TV cos his performance,no, presentation, was just a waste of time.
The King Alex Bomaye Biney was then called on stage. After the usual chit chats, he then proceeded to sit on his “island”. his lil brother, mum and show counselor were all called on stage. Finally, the final four maidens were called. There was an eviction and to every ones surprise, Promzy was evicted leaving Chichi,Prissy and Favour. They then proceeded to to join the King on his island.
There was a performance from Edem which in my estimation was the best on the night. The MC for the night Timothy then asked the king to make his choice and his choice was a shocker. It wasn’t any of the final three but rather the evicted Promzy. He proposed to her and went on to give her a ring. She was also asked if she wanted to accept the Kings proposal or she wanted to walk with the money? Her choice was obvious, the King.
Now this is where I have another problem, after the choice has been made, rendering the final three stupid on stage, nothing was said to them. No thank you, no sorry, absolutely nothing. They were left there whiles everybody else including the MC Timothy left. They then had to get up and leave by themselves.
On the whole, I think the show was badly organized. The stage was badly constructed and lighting was as bad as it could get. There was Timothy, A-Plus and a lady who at various times came on stage to introduce someone or a performer. This left us wondering, who was anchoring the show?????
If Access media wants to really make impact, then this first attempt was a 4/10. They have a lot to do

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