Call it the #GameOfFlows or the #ClashOfTitans, but whichever way, there’s gonna be a hero and a villain. If it were the game of thrones, Manifest will surely be from the house of Lannister, and Sarkodie, Stark.

A week ago, Sarkodie released his much talked about single, #Bossy, that caused a total revamp on social media. He released the song together with its visuals, and it was fire. Bloggers had stories. Rap heads had topics to discuss.

Who Sarkodie was throwing jabs at and so on and so forth. Some said he meant the track for E.L. others said Flowking Stone. But whether it was meant for any of these two rappers or not, Sarkodie has been replied. At least, now we know who got offended.

Bossy is a well-produced song with dope flows. I love it. Ask me and I’ll rate it 8.5/10.

Just when the Sarkoholics were enjoying their moment, Manifest comes in to ruin the party. He decides to end the month of June on a rather controversially disturbing note. Ahead of his album release – #NoWhereCool, he drops #godMC – full of potent bars A single, that might not even make it to the album. Since it releases up until the time of writing this, #godMC has been in the top 3 most trending topics on GH twitter.

Well, people see the song as a beefing reply to Sarkodie’s #Bossy. But I see a conversation between two formidable rappers. Two rappers who are both equally good and unique in their own way.

I’ve compiled excerpts of the ‘conversation’. I hope you love it.

1. Sarkodie: It’s all about the emotions bro f*&k the bars. Manifest: These no be bars. I’m just passing time.

2. Sarkodie: I’m a king, but I don’t feel like I gotta wear a crown Manifest: What’s a king to a god MC?

3. Sarkodie: Y’aselli Apollo, O2, aselli Troxy Manifest: Ghanaians so concerned about diplomas and awards, titles and Bible I find them absurd

4. Sarkodie: Me home rete, gye mete 3 shots tequila. Manifest: Don’t get intoxicated by these drunkards. They run on prejudice it’s a trump card

5. Sarkodie: I’m the king. All the things you think you can do, all the blames and the strings yu can pull. Put a ring on a dude, cos I ain’t gonna move. Manifest: And you wanna be king? Get your **s in line

6. Sarkodie: Y’ameasure me y3se me rap y3 thick tall Manifest: Only 5’10 but the flow be t-taller

7. Sarkodie: Mehn I’m feeling bossy Manifest: When the boss is around who can boss around?

8. Sarkodie: Fake niggas, snake niggas, I don’t like Manifest: god MC never been a faker

9. Sarkodie: King Sark the ruler Manifest: Clash of the titans I had dinner with medusa. Don’t turn me into stone, boy I’m a ruler

10. Sarkodie: Y’atra degree afei na medru 6th form Manifest: Went from inspector bediako to kunkum bhagya. Progress or regress? Now who you calling sucker

11. Sarkodie: You dis me but you can’t defend your own. Wo hyia me a cool but you pretend on phone. Manifest: On my lampard chale i’m so frank. Give you the blues who is who? go rank

12. Sarkodie: Conversation for my next house. Sesia Ghana who the f*&king best now? Of course, it’s me goddamnit! Manifest: You no be star no be star, you’re a comet at best. Don’t ask me no questions, no comment; i rest

13. Sarkodie: Manifest, meser3 wo lemme just… Manifest: Go to the market and buy yourself some manners. Don’t use my name in vain, that’s just for starters.

14. Sarkodie: Manifest, mesr3 wo lemme just, use your dododotido to end this verse Manifest: My guy obidi, let me return the favor. You know what time it is, later is greater And that’s how it ended. Interesting convo, innit? Those of you that love to update your vocabularies, here’s a word for you (Califragilisticexpiali). Use it if you find the meaning. Thanks to Manifest.

PS: The writer is a music fanatic who has a profound love for both artistes. You can follow him on his social media pages. Facebook – Samuel Abeiku Dadson. Twitter/Instagram – @abeiku_dadson

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