The new rumor which is hitting up the streets of Ghana is about the splitting up of one of the best groups in Ghana in terms of music ‘DOUBLE’.. The two has worked hard since day 1 and has been able to get to the top and still climbing up……
In Ghana it is really not a good thing for someone who started music with a group to end up and try to be independent and go solo in his own way because we can date back to some of our old musicians who did that and now we all can see what they have found themselves into…..
After the two boys Paa Kwesi and Nana Yaw released their single last year which is still a club banging song Walai Talai, the two didn’t rest but rather went ahead to produce a lot of hits which included Guerro Guerro and now their new single EEE MANA MANA which is still making a lot of global waves in the cities… Rumors have been coming recently that the two have splitted up due to some on or two reasons…
We tried following these two musicians on their twitter homepages and the kind of tweets the two have been posting to each other is nothing to write home about and one can say with no fear that those guys are indeed in a great beef….
The two were expected to perform last two weeks at TV Africa Sounds Splash but only one of them was seen on stage Paa Kwesi excluding Nana Yaw…. No one knows if Nana Yaw will take some of the money paid to the group or not…..
Bossu Kule also a musician in Ghana tweeted Nana Yaw on why he didn’t come to perform that night because a lot of people went that night because of him and he tweeted back at him and said it will be of great relevant if he kept quiet on this issue for now….
Whatever be the case i think Nana Yaw should tell the public why he didn’t perform and if possible, apologies to his fans who were expecting his performance that night…….
No one knows what these guys are up to but we all wish whatever they are now into, they can solve it in a peaceful way because Ghana needs the two to stick together to produce a lot of stuffs in the life of Ghana…….

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