WHY do we spend time dressing for work? Obviously, we want to look smart! The principle is that improvement is not natural. If you do not work at yourself, you will not appear attractive. Much as working to appear best is good, talent polishing is equally important. By talent polishing I mean enhancement, improvement, and development of what you possess. In How To Activate Your Gifts I dealt with talent discovery. Like gold, whatever is discovered must be developed. The thesis of this article is that for talent to be maximized, it must be refined through the following considerations.
Pursue Relevant Knowledge: Nothing kills talent like ignorance. The Bible says for lack of knowledge people perish. In other words, what you don’t know can suppress your talent utilization. And since talent is the secret to greatness, what you don’t know will kill your greatness. Relevant knowledge is the acquisition of information and facts which are related to your talent. All knowledge is good but not all are relevant to your natural abilities. You don’t need to know everything before you can operate at your optimal. Knowledge will help you narrow you focus and strengths.
Attract Right People: Right people speak well of what you have. Wrong people speak down on what you have. We attract people of our own kind. If you want right people, be right. Jesus never spent time with Pharisees and Sadducees. He rather spent time with His disciples or multitudes that needed His miracle, healing or teaching services. The Law of Association says that who you associate with determines how your talent is affected. Be with the right people to lift your talent.
Seek Proper Training: Training helps transform talent into skill. Skill has more leverage than just talent. Upon discovering my gift of writing some years back, I have taken courses related to what I feel passionate about doing. My first course in effective writing and communication was a big eye opener. I now know that some important tips are in the deep not the surface. The mathematics of skill actualization equals to trainingplus knowledge (skill = training + knowledge).
Live in Promising Environment: Environment is a massive influencer of talent refinement. If your home doesn’t regard talent and it benefits, it will dwarf it. However, the environment doesn’t affect us without our permission. God is critical about the environment we live. When the first man Adam was created, God personally made a model environment for him to operate. He made the Garden of Eden where what flourished was His glory which comprised the Holy Spirit (person), Word (knowledge), and guidance (training). Seek to create and live in an ‘Edenic’ talent enhancement atmosphere.
Take these exercises as part of applying what you know. One, write out all the talents you possess. Examples are writing, speaking, singing, etc. Two, study the four elements of talent polishing and see if you are functioning in them. Ensure you live in them. The only way to maximize your talent is to polish it. And the only way to polish it is to be sensitive to the knowledge, the people, the training, and the environment you operate in.
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