Ah! The desperate cling to your phone, your fingers numb, your thoughts racing, you feel sick, your heart’s pounding like it’ll  rip out of your chest. Don’t worry you’re not having a stroke, you’re trying to text your ex back.

You’re probably thinking that you could get your ex back by texting… Well, I’m here to tell you yes you can. In today’s world, people are addicted to cell phones. We eat, sleep and breathe cell phones and it’s a fact that cell phones are a part of our lives. Therefore, here’s your window of opportunity so use it wisely because a text can either be your greatest ally or your worst enemy.

Before you text your ex back be sure you’re doing it for all the right reasons such as you really miss your ex, you feel alone and want your ex back, you know you have  real connection with your ex that no other person will have and you’re ready to move past and work on the relationship you had. 

Be realistic, know there’s no single text that’ll have your ex crawling back to you, no! You need to be patient and willing to work for it.  But before you start anything, understand and think about the break up. Build up clear goals of what you’re going to do and soon you’ll have your ex back with a text.

You’re probably thinking that you need to send your ex long mushy sob texts, being desperate for attention about wanting your ex back and that you made a mistake, stop! That’s not going to work. In fact, it might reverse the entire process of trying to get your ex back.

You probably remember reading in other articles, and blogs about keeping the “no-contact” rule with your ex for some time, well that still applies here, what? No contact? Is what you’re probably thinking and yes, the “no-contact” rule still applies but just for a little while. It’s to give your ex time and space after the break to collect their thoughts, feelings and make them miss you.

Now you need to erase all the bad memories. Show your ex that no one can understand him/her better than you and show him what he’s missing.

It’s time to text never! And I say never! Use the “nothing-text” to start up a conversation, texts like “Hi”, or “What’s up?” generally give out a desperate feel and come off across as being needy.

However use the “across the bow” method that relationship expert Michael Fiore recommends. “Across the Bow” is a method in which you let your ex know you’re thinking about them by staying simple and innocent. Texts like “I drove by the pet store today and saw a couple of puppies and it reminded me of you, I smiled because I remembered how much you love dogs.”

Intimate texts such as these show your ex that you still care for them without being too desperate. Soon you’ll notice that your ex will come around and that you can get your ex back with a text..

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