Embattled Nollywood actor, Rich Oganiru, has denied claims that he k*lled his wife. The actor, who narrated his ordeal during his wife’s sickness and death, said he was detained in the same cell alongside suspected Boko Haram members, without any recourse to his state of health.
In an interview granted a magazine (not Daily Times) Oganiru said all the allegations that he killed his wife were false.
The actor said his late wife took ill over five months ago and was battling fibroid. She was then placed under supervised medication therapy by German doctors to prevent surgery, but all to no avail as the fibroid kept growing and causing her more pain.
The family moved from Abuja to Prophet TB Joshua’s synagogue in Ikotun, Lagos, where the prophet gave them emergency appointment based on his personal recognition.
His wife, Oganiru said, then suggested they move to her brother’s apartment at the Airforce Barracks in shasha.
“While there, she rejected all the provisions that the actor bought and insisted on having pap prepared by her sister at her brother, Group captain David Aluko’s home” Oganiru reported.
After the meal, he said her condition became worse and they decided to move her to Synagogue since the appointment was a few hours from then. Oganiru said his wife refused and told him to take her to the hospital, which he did with the aid of her brother.
However, she died at the military hospital gate, and events took a different turn afterwards.
The shock of his wife’s death raised his blood pressure and sent him into a coma. On waking, he discovered that his Air-force brother-in-law had deposited his wife’s body at the morgue and ordered him, Oganiru, to go tell their parents that his sister was dead.
This the actor said he would do, but demanded the death certificate so as to present to his in-laws to clear himself, since the Air-force officer had started insinuating that he killed his wife.
Oganiru said David ordered him out of the barracks and he left to his hotel room, where he discovered his wife’s stuff had been removed and his belongings searched and scattered.
“They even seized the keys to my jeep and my international passport. I had to beg for my things to be returned. When I got the keys and my passport back and David insisted that I cannot have the morgue tag for my wife, I left for our home in Abuja,” he continued.
“On arriving there, they had locked me out and carted away everything that belonged to my wife and even our wedding pictures. Eventually I was allowed inside. Three days later some policemen from force headquarters came to arrest me based on a petition written about me that I killed my wife. I was kept in cell with Boko Haram members and I was the one washing for them. The police didn’t care about my medication.
“When they saw my health was getting bad, they released me. I was asked to report two days later to face my accusers. I took some journalist to the house to see how they vandalized my things. That same evening, a group of policemen came in commando style, broke down my window and said I was under arrest.
“That was how they took me to Asokoro police station after beating me mercilessly and I was bleeding from ear and nose, A few day later, a professor friend came and told them that they should release me or charge me. He insisted that they should do the autopsy and charge me based on that. When nothing was found after the autopsy was conducted, they let me go.”
Oganiru added that they had buried his wife without his consent, and were spreading rumours on the Internet, “alleging that I poisoned my rich wife for her property. Let me tell you, my wife was a hardworking woman but about being rich, I don’t know. Otherwise, why did we scrape to the bone to find money for her treatment?
“We live in a rented apartment, so I don’t know the property I killed her for that I wanted to inherit,” he lamented.
The actor denied claims that he also killed his ex-wife, saying, “The callous people said I also killed my former wives. My ex-wife is alive, healthy and bubbling with my two children. But I know there is God and I must fight this to a logical conclusion.”

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