Allan Cash

Allan Cash

In Ghana, when the name ALLAN CASH is mentioned, everyone quickly takes their minds to the politic sector with which the New Patriotic Party (NPP) once had a candidate vying to contest in the then Presidential Election of the country; but it was a hard-knock for that man. In this week’s interview, AFRICAN ENTERTAINMENT rather caught up with one of Ghana’s young sensation who coincidentally, his stage name is as that of the political rich man. This rapper who has known nothing but music revealed everything to us from his birth till when he hit up the studio to do his first single and today, he is a celebrated –somebody in the making. Signed onto Stunnin Music Group (SMG), he spoke of his future and how he hopes to make Ghana proud with his tunes.

Allan Cash is one of the fastest growing musicians from Ghana to the world; tell us how it all started for you

It all started when I was a child, I always knew I have a lot to say but I just didn’t know what and how. Until I lost my mother at a younger age. Then I got something to talk about; my emotions and struggle, and in a musical form they all came out. Ever since, I have never lacked words to string together in order to make my point musically.

How long have you been doing this genre of music?

As long as I can remember, I was about 14 when I lost mum and I’m big man now… So you see, it’s been long while.

You are arguably one of the finest hardworking lads in the industry presently; tell us how much work, time, energy goes into your works?

Thank you for the compliment though flattered. But no part of the journey has been an easy one. Because hard work will beat talent any day of the week, I give my career all I’ve got.

Your name sounds just like the nickname of one of Ghana’s political party – NPP’s Allan Cash; is there any connection that we don’t know of?

Not really. I’m Allan Cash because ever since I was a child, no one used my first name (Franklin) to call me. Everyone who know me know me as Cash from St. Johns International School to Dormaa Secondary School and even Ghana School of Social Works, my teachers call me Cash. And for the Allan part, I guess my predecessor Allan Cash is very successful… and I desire to be successful with my musical potential.

Why the stage name wasn’t there any other name than this that you could have taken?

No there is no other. Because I love my name Allan Cash. In fact I will swear an affidavit if need be.

Aside music, are you into politics because many may think so

People deduce that because of my collabo with Barima Sydney, ‘OH! GHANA (Prod. By Kin Dee)’. You should listen to the track yourself. I was being practically factual about the state of our country, Ghana. Dumsor MUST Stop. Don’t you agree?

With over thirteen vibrating singles to your credit and still cooking more tunes, how soon should we expect an album?

Very soon. Actually I together with my management – Stunnin Music Group (SMG) – are giving it all it will take to release that Great Album sooner than you expect. So my Fans watch out for the ‘Onyame Ye’ album.

From some of your singles which are dropping, people are already comparing you to Sarkodie and Guru; how do you handle these insinuations from the public?

I feel great when I hear such insinuations. In fact I do really feel great because both Sark and Guru are great rappers to be compared to. I think my fans think I’m very potential and I will do anything possible to keep the idea about me that way. But let me add this, Allan Cash is not just a rapper, I’m something more… I am a musician and a very good one at what I do.

The music industry in Ghana is a dicey one whereby if you don’t know anybody, then it becomes more of a mirage; do you think that this is fair from a musician point of view?

That is not fair, not just for me but the public too. I think there are great arts in the crowd who have a lot to tell the world. The public is denied a chance to hear these great arts with their impactful songs because of this “who you know thing”. We should act professionally if we aim at making a difference. Give every new and upcoming artist a chance to prove their worth regardless who they know or how much they don’t have.

The issue of piracy is eating deep into the music industry in Ghana, what measures should be taken so that you people reap the fruit of your labor?

Institutions need to be set up and those already in the system need to step up their game. They are unconsciously “killing the game”. Music is a good relieve to the soul thus everyone likes music. But I think people should not get what they like at the expense of the artist or his management. I think just as people pay for what they like, getting music should be no different.

Music pundits have described you as one of the newest breed of rappers that will take over; are you enthused about this reposed belief in you?

I must confess I’m much enthused but my aim is not really to take over. I’m in to make an impact, a difference. I want Allan Cash to be a household name in Africa not because I’ve taken over but because my style and lyrics are different enough that if listened to can cause a change. I want my music to be respected like that of the legendary Obrafour; very descent and wise and on point.

There are so many young people doing music in Ghana, what unique base are you standing on that will certainly distinguish you from the lots?

My base is God. He is the source of my potential. And with Him as my source, I intend to do nothing to disdain His name. So I will do music with content and I will remember whenever I’m at the studio that, my base is God. He will save me and cause me to reach a very high pedestal. I will be different by excluding profanity from my lyrics and also by acknowledging God in every step of the way. Musically, I want Christians to sing along my line and Muslims to recommend my music to their lads. Basically, I want to ignite hope in the hopeless and faith in the faithless.

Within you, do you feel that there is need for a new face to take over the scene in regards to the fact that Ghanaians are becoming ‘tired’ of the current crop of rappers?

In fact a big YES! Ghanaians need to hear from diverse artists with different genres and love them. We need different talents to uphold and follow. More importantly, underground artistes needs to know that they will be listened to and become favourites despite they not being Guru, Sark, Stonebwoy or Kwaw Kesse. We don’t need only Shata Wales to like his “thing” or Sark to tell us about himself. Rather we need every message, every experience and every talent to be heard and appreciated. I think that will change the industry and give way for the ghetto youth to voice out what goes down there.

We all need time to grow into what we love doing, how much time do you need to be able to show Ghanaians and the world what you really have inside?

A very long time. In fact I need a long time and a long life to be able to hit the mark I’ve set for myself. I pray God will allow me such time; Allan Cash I’m that seed that was planted years ago. I’ve been transformed now because I’ve grown to be a tree. Now I need time to serve the world my fruit. I need a very long time to serve and satisfy my fans.

 What is your relationship with your management?

Stunnin Music Group is a good a place to be. Stunnin Elvis, my manager is a great guy and he believes in my talents thus, he works hard to see this vision and dream materialized. I love S.M.G Team and the Allan Cash Family and everyone in the Family. Stunnin Music Group will grow and become that Group that never gave up on harnessing talents.

Where do we see Allan Cash in the next five years from now?

I will become a household name in Africa and my music will gain a worldwide recognition. And in the next five years Stunnin Music Group won’t only be on LinkedIn but on Music Corporation; a great place to harness talents.

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