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I’m in love with Bomaye’, a new reality show on TV, last Sunday had its first ever eviction show.

After two weeks of staying in the fun-packed house, pretty Liberian housemate Lovely was not too lucky as she became the first casualty of the 13-week reality show.

Just hours after her exit from the show, Lovely told Myjoyonline.com about her experience in the house, the exposure and the way forward for the young budding actress.

The pretty actress, who confessed that she truly fell in love with Bomaye, added that she felt the King was far away from her.

Lovely, just like the other 11 maidens in the house, had dreams of winning the King’s heart but was unlucky in her quest as the eviction axe fell on her on the first night of eviction.

The actress commended the King who she described as caring, honest, loving and tolerant as he showed a lot of patience despite provocation from the maidens who she said could be troublesome.

She had this to say to Bomaye, the King: “I love you; I know you won’t believe me but I do. I wish you all the best in finding your true love.

I really wish you make the right choice, be smart. Don’t let anybody fool you with their body, their face, pretending to be people they are not, we are women, we are smart”.

She added she would not throw away the opportunity of marrying Bomaye who she said she had fallen in love with.

According to Lovely, the King did not have a favorite in the house as he loved all the maidens, “including Miss G” who was the oldest.

Another eviction show will take place this Sunday.