Celebrity Reality TV series were in existence before Kim Kardashian and family jumped unto the wagon. However, the popularity, acceptance and the many doors Kim K’s TV series-Keeping Up With The Kardashian has opened for her as kick started a new Celebrity Reality TV Series revolution.
Just two days ago, the 1st Episode of Rapper Nicki Minaj’s Reality TV series- The Truth was aired on E! Entertainment.
In Ghana, Ghanaian celebrities such as John Dumelo, Nadia Buari, Mzbel and several others are working on their own Reality TV series to show their fans how they spend their lives.
Among my female friends, most of them see these western Celebrity Reality TV series as shallow, unintelligent and waste of air time.
Personally, I see most of these so called REALity TV series as FAKE as 2 dollar note. In fact, none of the celebrities I have watched in any of these Reality TV series cannot be said to be acting…I do not see anything REAL about these series-be it their lives or the environment they purposely set up for TV.
Coming to Ghana, what benefits would such Reality TV series bring to viewers and even the celebrities themselves? Do not mention corporate endorsements because we are talking about Ghana and not America…Such things hardly exist.
Are you a dedicated follower of any of the western celebrity Reality TV Series? Do you find them entertaining, true or fake?
What do you think of our Ghanaian celebrities pushing into Reality TV? Would you be watching any of their Reality TV series?
If nothing at all, Mzbel has already released a promo for hers…And we are told John Dumelo’s own will soon be ready too…