In this week’s Lady Sam’s Corner, Lady Sam catches up with the beautiful actress Juliet Ibrahim. Juliet Ibrahim most recently landed an endorsement deal with leading consumer durable distribution company in Ghana, LG & Somotex Ghana Limited. There is no doubt that this woman’s credentials are rising and rising. Lady Sam and Juliet Ibrahim talk fashion over a cup of coffee in Osu.

Lady Sam: How would you describe your fashion style?

Juliet: I usually describe my fashion style in three words; daring, spontaneous and verycreative.

Lady Sam: I would agree with that about your style. Juliet you have decided to go naturalso what is your inspiration behind going natural now?

Juliet: Nothing inspired me really; it is a personal choice. I’m a spontaneous person; I could decide to wake up and get a crew cut, or dye my hair red-hot depending on how I feel at the time. So it’s just a decision based on how I am feeling and why not, my hair grows fast, it’s thick and curly… what more could you look for in natural hair?

Lady Sam: I guess that is the spontaneity you are talking about. So Juliet you look great with natural hair you are a natural beauty so speaking of beauty what are your top three beauty tips?

Juliet: Get adequate and quality sleep, nothing less than 9hours for me, drink lots of water and try not to eat after 6pm to maintain a great figure.

Lady Sam: Flats or heels?

Juliet: It depends on the occasion.

Lady Sam: Ok. So who is your all time celebrity icon?

Juliet: It’s difficult to decide, I like Gabrielle union and Charlize Theron.

Lady Sam: What about your favourite designer?

Juliet: I have so many, it’s hard to choose and I don’t have an affinity for any brand, as long as it’s of good quality and looks good on me, it’ll fly.

Lady Sam: Ok well speaking of fly which male celebrity do you think dresses really well in Ghana or looks fly?

Juliet: I would go for the likes of Louis Lexis Bill , KOD has style as well.

Lady Sam: And what about female?

Juliet: I like Sandra Ankobiah’s dress sense

Lady Sam: Ok good choices. Now when it comes to your make-up look do you prefer bold or nude?

Juliet: I guess I’m more of a nude makeup person, I like to keep my makeup simple and subtle. Less is more for me. Bold makeup would probably be for a shoot or for work.

Lady Sam: But I am sure that you always carry make-up in your bag.

Juliet: Yes I do.

Lady Sam: Which three makeup products would you never leave your house without?

Juliet: My lipstick, eyeliner and face powder.

Lady Sam: Ok so that is what you carry to look nice but what about to smell nice, what’s your favourite perfume?

Juliet: I have quite a number of favourites. I love M. Micallef, Tom Ford , CliveChristian, Chanel, Dior

Lady Sam: Finally sum up what does fashion mean to you in three words?

Juliet: Fashion should be unique, creative and timeless

Sandra Ankobiah
Source: EnterGhana
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