Vivian JillJust as the popular saying goes, “Love goes where love is”. Fast growing Ghanaian actor and comedian Kwadjo Nkansa Liwin is reported to be in love with fellow industry colleague Vivian Jill Lawrence.
Perhaps the best kept secret both had kept until Saturday June 15th 2013 when the love birds both joined Tic–Tac and a host of showbiz personalities in Kumasi at the VIP Hotel for the opening of his latest lounge and night club “TIC – TAC RESERVED”.

Kwadjo Nkansah Liwin who felt a bit uneasy at the announcement by Vivian Jill Lawrence was hesitant to speak to it as he made gestures and signaled Vivian to keep silent on the relationship.

“Could this be love?” or perhaps one of those moments just aimed at entertaining patrons at the grand opening of the lounge and night club.