We love and support our artistes but sometimes we need to spit out certain things. The truth they say hurts and as a writer, this is how i can lay down my opinions.

To be completely honest I don’t know why the people surrounding these guys have not told them this – maybe its time to move on to other things.

Obviously there is no “returning to their best” so why not quit embarrassing yourself while you still have your dignity?

Here is our list of some top Ghanaian acts that need to retire.



5 Five

Am sorry to say this but it will only take a miracle to see the 5Five we used to know submerge under water. Killy, Papi and Gino did their possible best to make music lovers happy with a lot of hit songs to their credit but in these days the Move Back, Bossu Kena hitmakers are struggling for hitz. Yes i mean they need shows, endorsements and the free publicity an artiste like Shatta Wale is getting.

It’s time to maybe just foster a new breed of acts for the tomorrow of the industry under your very capable umbrella. You have no reason or whatsoever to keep putting out music.

Truth is, you are one of the greatest entertainers our country has seen, we love you but enough is enough bosses.


Dr Slim


This one is a bit sad because the man is actually quite young, his time has just simply… run out. Not every act has the pull to remain evergreen. The fact that Fuse ODG did it doesn’t mean you can do it too. It’s time to stop trying and pursue other things.




Unlike Slim, however we know you can sing and you have talent but talent does not a star make, there are many other factors you lack that just don’t come… and will be difficult for you at this time.

I am your fan though but you see, if you should keep on doing musics for me you are going to run on loss because i dont buy your CD’s, i only blue-tooth from people which is just expanding your fan base but not your music revenue. Bow out sir.


Stay Jay


Yeah merrrrrrrrn I’m sorry but we are tired of the terrible songs and the terrible jingle you use.

We don’t love you any less but sir your musics dont make any sense.

I am sorry but you know I’m right, your music comes with an expiry tag like a product from the supermarket.

I am just being honest with you, try and switch from music and do something else because judging from your lyrics, one can say you came in the game for the money and fame but not as your gift.

You have enjoyed our moneys and used your fame to lay a couple of girls on your bedsheet including one Tema girl i was following so why dont you quit now that you are becoming boring.

Your style is not selling again. Try listen to Sarkodie, Fuse ODG, E.L,  – and oh, King Ayisoba.



Probably the biggest shock on this list, Mr. Wo Be Da Ntem himself. We still think you are quite incredible, I mean you paved the way for a lot of rappers and you showed us that, some rappers could be talented and still do great things here in Ghana.
But sir, your decline has been sharp and disturbing, your fans are tired of the sort 0f music you put out these days. It’s impossible to get the old ASEM back – we get that, and you should accept that you have evolved. And we also know you are doing a great job managing things with WBDN records.My little advice, sign a talent and invest in him/her.
This might be the time to stick to that and call it a day. We love and appreciate everything you have done so far and it is shameful that, with your absence, talentless pricks like Kojo Atinka are now what they might call “Biggest Rapper In Ghana”. But we can still live with Atinka being terrible.
But not you sir, we can’t keep watching your decline. It’s disheartening.
NB: This opinion has nothing to do with the good relationship i have with some of you. I will talk to you when i should meet you and if you should hate me for this article then i dont think you know what it takes to be the path you chose – a celebrity.
Your’s truly,
A Fan Of Ghanaian Music.
Guys which other artist, you feel should be on this list? lol.. Feel free to comment your mind.

Source – GhallyWoodStars.Com

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