love bThere is love everywhere you can think about. People meet and brew their love anywhere, anyhow and anytime.

It can be in the churches, gyms, supermarkets, conferences, etc. Today, a very common place where people meet and fall in love is in their places of work.

In fact, studies in some places suggest that the workplace is the number one place where people meet and brew their love. Some studies also show that about half of all workers get emotionally involved in their place of work.

Why brew love in the office

Today, due to equal opportunities and interventions, many women have acquired skills and almost everywhere we find almost equal numbers of men and women in informal socialisation.

As human beings, with our bodies ‘no be firewood’,  we can’t shut off our sexual attraction as we communicate verbally and non-verbally during office routine. The office, therefore, becomes fertile ground for intimacy.

It is also a fact that most workers spend more hours in the office than anywhere else and sometimes with no time for break. As you work for longer hours, the chances of meeting someone elsewhere decreases.

If a lady leaves home at 6 a.m. and returns at 9 p.m.,where else is more opportune in finding a potential lover?

No wonder studies show you are more likely to meet your lover at work than in school, neighbourhood or other places.

The good of brewing love in the office

The office environment is non-threatening, secure and comfortable for romance. You feel safer to deal with someone you know and do things that you also enjoy doing.

You have a good chance to get acquainted with your potential lover’s ideas, feelings, ambitions, interests mannerisms, values and habits than at any other place.

You have breaks and meetings together. You have a good chance to be good friends and add emotional touch to your relationship.

It is also a fact that when workers are in love, they are happier and have less health issues. They are more productive, effective and efficient, and this leads to higher productivity.

The bad of brewing love in the office

It is hard to balance love and work. It may harm both lovers, coworkers and the dynamics of the workplace. If a boss is involved, chances are he or she will give special privileges, favours and undeserved promotion to his or her lover.

Most office romance are based on infatuation and lust, which fade off easily and leave a feeling of rejection and sadness, especially when things go wrong. If one person gets to know, everyone in the office will know.

Ridicule and gossip can spell disaster and destroy office discipline and may harm your reputation and carrier growth. In some cases, lovers who feel let down deliberately cause financial loss or disclose company’s secrets.

Are you thinking of brewing love in the office?

Joni Johnson, a work-related expert, states that looking at the number of people who get into office romance and the number that ends in marriage, the odds are not good for office romance. It is, therefore, safer to avoid office romance.

Take precaution. Separate your professional life from your private life so that you don’t give in to office romance. If you feel attracted to someone in your office, stop working together alone or taking breaks with him or her.

Again, do not discuss your personal romantic problems with your friends of the opposite sex because some, under guise of sympathy, may exploit your situation and hook up with you.

Love is unpredictable and strange so if you meet someone you genuinely love, keep a cool head. Be realistic and keep your work and private life separate.

You must also avoid workplace display of romance, frequent calls, notes, emails. Show good behaviour and maintain good friendship and fairness to your coworkers.

You must also make sure you do not drop one coworker for another because it harms your reputation.

If you are thinking of brewing love in the office, think of what you may lose or gain. It may damage your profession and reputation. If, however, you are mature, serious and discrete, office romance can be exciting and rewarding.

Happiness is composed of love and work, but it is hard to combine them in the office. If you think you can brew love in the office or not, you are right. You are the choices you make in life.


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