Oluwabimpe Susan Harvey (a.k.a Goldie)……
Evicted celebrity housemate and one of Nigeria’s representatives to the ongoing MNET Big Brother Africa reality TV show, Oluwabimpe Susan Harvey, popularly known as Goldie, is back to Nigeria.
At a press parley organised to welcome her back, she revealed to journalists her shock at Prezzo’s betrayal.
Goldie said she had never experienced life in a crowded house. In fact, she had all tongues wagging when she shed her Lady Gaga stage image in exchange for a docile, loving and very domesticated lover, who was clearly besotted with her beau, Kenyan rapper, Prezzo.
Was her act a strategy? She denied, saying that she had no knowledge about the games housemates played in their quest for the ultimate prize.
“I have always admired Big Brother Africa but prior to going into the house, I had never sat down to watch a single episode to the end. I went in like myself, what you saw was me, Susan Harvey, not Goldie, the performer. I did not know about the games, I went in there to be myself. I did not know that Prezzo was playing games with me.”
For the greater part of 70 weeks, Goldie had played along, buoyed by the rapper’s lie that he had been separated from his wife for more than two years.
“I asked him twice actually, I even asked him, are you sure you don’t want to reconcile with your wife because of your child? And that was less than two three weeks in the house and he said, ‘no, if I wanted to I would have been reconciled to her two or three years before now but now I am never going back.’
Refusing to use the words, fall in love, she would prefer to let people know that she had come to care for Prezzo very much.  “If I were in love with him, I would have been kissing him. I would have been doing all the things that people in love do. I was not all over him; I came to care for him very much at a time,” she recalled.
“I could not have kissed him in any case; my moral upbringing does not permit certain acts during a certain period of time.  I think two and half months was too early to start such a thing. That’s not who I am.”
Asked if she was surprised at Prezzo’s recent statement that he did not miss her at all, she replied, “If he was playing a game why would he miss me? I was not playing a game, he was,” she replied.
Goldie further defended her representation of Nigeria, noting that she did a very good job of portraying the image of her country and the qualities of the ideal African woman.
“The African woman,” she began, “is loving, caring, hardworking, and religious with a very high moral standard and those were the qualities I exhibited in the house. So, yes, I represented Nigeria very well.”
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