How has Life been since your debut in acting?
LIFE has been different, it’s like living on the fast lane. Everything has to be prim and proper. But above all, I am grateful to God Almighty.
Have you always wanted to be an actress or was it by accident?
Not at all. Never dreamt of even Nollywood, but stumbled on it along the way.
So, how did you become an actress?
Well, I finished my course in TV and Film in the university and then registered with the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), to become an actress, then I went for auditions and that was it. I think God has just destined that I’d be an actress.

How long have you been in the industry now?
Well, over a decade with more than 40 movies under my belt, Bursting Out by Emem Isong was the most challenging of all the movies I have done.

Who are your closest friends in the industry?
Though everybody is my friend, but my closest friends are Monalisa Chinda, Uche Jombo, Desmond Elliot, Emem Isong, Eucharia Anunobi among others.
What has been your most challenging role since you started acting?
I don’t think I have had any challenging role yet, the only difficult one is when I have to do a smoking role part because I don’t smoke.

You are also a model, when did the modeling talent surface?
My modeling talent surfaced when I was growing up. I used to wear my aunty’s high-heeled shoes and cat walk around the house, though her legs were bigger than mine. So, from childhood, I learnt the catwalk, the carriage and all and I just love the feel.
What do you love most about modeling?
The pose, the catwalk, the dresses, makeups, the hairstyles…
Modeling and acting, which do you love most?
I love everything about modeling

Do you think you are better at modeling than acting?
I love both, they both put you in the limelight. Although, I do more of acting now than modeling. I am good at everything I do, either at work or at home.
Have you ever gone for any beauty pageant before, like in your school days?
Yes, I went for a pageant and was the 1st runner up. I should have been the winner, but when politics sets in, the winner never takes it all
Has acting affected you negatively?
No. Showbiz in general has affected me positively as a matter of fact.

What is your biggest achievement in acting?
Well that should be the fame it has brought me, the people I have been blessed to meet and the awards I have been privileged to win. At a time, I got three different awards back to back. This year too. I give God all the praise.

How many awards have you won since your emergence in Nollywood?
I have won several awards to the glory of God. Also, in the last three months, I won two major awards, one of which came from North Carolina in the United States of America and of course, these awards have won me more juicy roles.

What is the most ridiculous thing you have read about yourself?
A whole lot to mention, but these are the disadvantages that come with the job, so I tend to ignore them now.
You were accused of being a lesbian at a time, what was your reaction to this allegation?
I am not a lesbian. I have never practised lesbianism. People who know me know that Susan Peters is not a lesbian. Maybe, the speculation was because of my masculine structure. I am masculine because I used to participate in games a lot before. I played basketball, ran, played golf but I stopped at some point because I was developing muscles.
If I go back into gym now, I will develop those muscles but I am not gay. People should stop tagging me as gay. I love the other sex, I don’t like gay. I have female friends but I have more of male friends. I have a boyfriend mind you, not boyfriends. But I have male friends because I prefer male friends to female friends because they are more comfortable to be with. I am not saying I don’t like my female friends. I have female friends but I love more of male friends. So, people should stop saying I am gay, I am a full-fledged straight woman.

Rising in the acting industry, have you ever experienced s*xual harassment?
No, I have never experienced any sexual harassment, why should I be harassed when I am good at my work? And also, I respect myself, so why would anyone in his or her right frame of mind be harassed?
It is believed that actresses sleep with producers before they become famous. Did you experience such?
Well, I don’t know about that, but for me, I did not experience that, so I can’t say. My roles are based on auditions and recommendations. Anybody who has said any other thing about Susan Peters is lying because my roles are based on hard work and recommendation from maybe people I have worked with before, or friends. Basically, that is how I have grown to this level in the industry.
You have this unique sense of style, how did you develop it?
My fashion and style started long ago before entering Nollywood, I always love to stand out in the crowd and that has worked for me. Prim and proper, classy, sexy. It depends on what my frame of mind takes in at that time.

Would you say being a movie star has boosted your sense of style?
Yes, it has given me more sense in style and wider reach. I could style someone now, even in my dreams.
What is your fashion regiment? I have noticed you love bright red lipstick, can you do without it?
Red lipstick is my signature. When I step anywhere, it sells. I love bright colours, not only red. It’s just that red stands out anytime for me because I am dark-skinned.

Which designers can we find in your wardrobe, shoes, handbags and dresses?
I have all the designers, but I am not a freak for designs. I wear anything that I feel I love at that particular time, but I still love the LVs, Ysls,LBT,Gucci,DG,Jovanis etc
How often do you wear jeans?
Once in a while, I wear jeans. I love shorts more

High heel shoes and flats, which are your best?
There is no best, I wear what I am comfortable with at a particular time

When should we expect the wedding bells to ring?
Wedding bells will ring when God wants it, you can’t force it because it’s a lifetime thing.
What is the next step for Susan Peters?
I want to attend a film school to learn directing because I want to know how the job is done behind the camera, and also keep up with my modeling career.
What is your word for would-be actors?
Hard work, be focused, don’t be intimidated, have a good heart, be humble, always be yourself, respect your seniors on the beat and above all, put God first and the sky is just the beginning for you.
Tell us about the Susan Peters Foundation?
Susan Peters Foundation: Benue Pikin, aims to create awareness about asthma and diabetes. Reason is because I suffered from asthma as a little child, and my dad was diabetic. My experience with asthma, and that of my dad with diabetes, inspired me to set up the Foundation. Of course, I love charity and the Foundation is an opportunity for me to contribute to the society.
Tell us about your family background?
I am from Benue State, Idoma speaking ethnic group. I am from the Royal family of the Efofu in Agila from a family of four girls and four boys, my mom and dad are still living and adding their years gracefully.
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