58727669Nana Kofi Darko, father of the model at the centre of the sexually explicit ‘Awurama’ music video from up-and-coming musician, Lord Paper, has described his daughter as a “big shame” and asked her to go on her knees to weep in regret.
Nana Darko described his daughter, Vonita Pearl Nana Yaa Darko, as an unintelligent person and used several unprintable insults to describe the lady’s mother, his ex-wife.

“The video is negative to me. God did not create you to shoot such videos…The girl and her mother should go on their knees and weep.

“Her mother has a bad character and I do not want the daughter to be like her. So I was building her to be able to take care of her mother one day. But you see, the mother was not patient enough to wait for me to build Nana Yaa. The mother was hungry so she started to sell the girl even before she was ready for the market. The mother went and abducted her from school the very day she completed senior high,” Nana Darko, Chief Executive of Jah Link Entertainment, said on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review Show when he walked to the station on his own volition after he heard the issue being discussed.

He continued…“You are an African from Oyoko. Why should you shoot such a video which shows your nudity and put it on YouTube? When you were interviewing her, I was in my car listening to her and she said she has a gospel song. She is a liar. She cannot create a gospel song. The spirit of God is not in her and she can never create a gospel song. Her gospel is a (offensive word deleted) gospel. I am a musician and when you hear my songs, you would bow. That boy cannot sell my daughter and brand her because he is not a business person. He is a (offensive word deleted) and both of them are (offensive word deleted).

“When you were interviewing her, I heard her behaving ‘guy-guy’. She is not intelligent. She may be intelligent in the flesh but spiritually she is a dead body. Intelligent persons feel some remorse when they do wrong. I have a wife, but when I go behind my wife to do something, I feel ashamed. She is not intelligent and fact that she speaks English well does not mean she is intelligent.”

Nana Yaa in response to what her father had said on public radio expressed surprise that she took their private family issues into the media when the entire discussion was about a music video which had nothing to do with their family challenges.

“I have nothing to say to him, seriously. Because if as young as I am, I did not want to open our family issues up on radio, he has rather opened it up and said it in a way to suit himself. Some of the things he said might be right and others may be wrong. If he has a problem with my mother, he should settle it and not bring it into this topic. The topic you are interviewing him on is the music video. So I do not see why he would put out our family issues,” Nana Yaa stated.

“If he claims to be a father, he would do what a father does and not to sit on radio and insult my mother. My mother has nothing to do with this. My mother suffered for nine months to carry me and she has nothing to do with this music video.

“I have nothing against my father, no matter what has happened, he is still my father. He can say anything he wants about me and he has the right to do that because I am his daughter but he should know the way he goes about it and not to bring my mother into it. That’s all I can tell him.

“I never lived with my mother. I lived with my father so if anyone did wrong in raising me, then it should be my father. You don’t come and sit on air and call her names. Maybe, I should stop speaking on air else I would say things I should not say,” she added.

EnterGhana.com | Credit: Halifax Ansah-Addo | My daughter is not intelligent – Father of ‘Awurama’ Lord Paper video girl Nana Yaa

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