Award winning television and radio personality Anita Erskine participates in the Bike Challenge

Global leader in lighting innovations, Philips Lighting, a Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX, PHIA) company with a rich heritage for touching the lives of billions of consumers including Ghanaians, today announced the launch of an affordable, long-lasting LED bulb that will allow all consumers to cut down on their energy usage by up to 85% by switching to Philips energy efficient LED bulbs. Deputy Minister of Power Hon John Abdulai Jinapor  emphasized  the importance of investing in energy efficiency whilst unveiling the new energy saving Philips EcoBright LEDbulb, which will assist consumers in cutting down on their electricity consumption, thereby saving money and sustaining the national grid.

“This innovative new bulb is an asset in implementing our policies designed to promote the efficient use of energy,” said Hon Jinapor, “we are always happy to support the various initiatives Philips Lighting has undertaken in Ghana to improve the public’s access to energy efficiency.”

Philips and Sustainability

Philips, long known for its quality products that last for generations, is committed to its goal to improve the lives of 3bn people by 2025. They are confident that the new EcoBright LEDbulb, affectionately nicknamed ‘small boy danger’ due to its small size but powerful attributes, will contribute towards their goal of improving lives and making the world healthier and more sustainable.

In order to demonstrate the tremendous energy saving benefits of LED, Philips will partner with the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to select a number of their customers and change all the bulbs in their homes to Philips LED bulbs. They will benefit from a potential electricity usage reduction of up to 85%, which are significant savings at a time where the national grid in Ghana is overburdened and in need of relief.

“It gives me great joy that today we are launching Philips EcoBright LEDbulb to consumers,” said General Manager of Philips Lighting Export BV Felix Darko, “this product will bring relief to consumers seeking to reduce their energy use and ultimately will cut down on their electricity cost. They will also make further savings by not replacing these bulbs as regularly as standard bulbs, as this is designed to be both long lasting and able to easily withstand the most severe voltage fluctuations.”

Philips also offers LED Street Lighting Solutions that will aid in the government’s goals of replacing all conventional street lighting with LED bulbs. Their street lighting technology allows for remote monitoring, so that ECG engineers will be able to tell which street lights are working in real time, turn lights on or off during emergency situations, or dim lights in the early morning hours as well as monitor the energy consumption of each street light, all from the comfort of their offices. The remote management of street lighting will save on man hours which are needed to physically inspect conventional street lighting. These additional features in Philips LED Street Lighting solutions translate to significant energy and cost savings.

The Bike Challenge

To educate consumers about the importance of energy efficiency and introduce them to the new Philips EcoBright LEDbulb, Philips Lighting also launched the Bike Challenge which consists of a light bulb powered by pedaling a stationary bike to demonstrate the amount of energy saved by switching to LED. Crowds passing through were encouraged to take a ride on the bike to compare the amount of effort and energy required to power a conventional bulb versus the energy saving EcoBright LEDbulb. Visitors, who were able to cycle and power the bulb for at least ten minutes, were awarded with a brand new Philips EcoBright LEDbulb to take home.

The Bike Challenge will continue at Palace for one week before moving on to Melcom (North Industrial Area) for another week. Visitors can stop by to try their hand at powering the bulb, learn more about how to make their own lives more energy efficient and do their part for the environment while simultaneously making some savings at home.


About the New Philips EcoBright LEDbulb

Philips EcoBright LEDbulb delivers high quality light that is free of infra-red, meaning no heat is radiated and fabrics and other items under this light won’t fade.

Design highlights:

  • Cuts electricity costs  up to 85%
  • Lasts up to 10 years
  • Withstands the most severe voltage fluctuations (will light at voltage as low as 48V and as high as 250V)
  • Gives light that is comfortable for the eye
  • No UV and no infrared
  • Environmentally friendly, with no mercury or any other hazardous substances
  • Low carbon footprint

The bulb is available at all Forewin Cash & Carry Stores, Melcom Stores, Palace Shopping Mall, Game, Agenda Commercial outlets and leading electrical stores across the country.

Deputy Minister for Power Hon John Abdulai Jinapor and Philips Lighting Export BV General Manager Felix Darko with the EcoBright LEDbulb Deputy Minister of Power Hon John Abdulai Jinapor participates in the Bike Challenge Award winning television and radio personality Anita Erskine participates in the Bike Challenge

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