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The ‘swagger’ boys came out with a ‘bang’ and took the entire country by storm. Later they decided to go controversial with their comment when according to them they were ‘robbed’ of their place at the Ghana Music Awards few years ago.

Before we noticed again, they went under the covert to re-strategize, things seem to be going on smooth for them in recent times as one half of the group (Akhan) got engaged to his partner; their new record label (Ruff Money Records) doing fine with the current single ‘Naija baby’ also drawing more attention.

A new phase now, and the group are channeling its attention to hit the African market with their new song which video was directed and shot by Big Oj in Canada. Already making making waves with good response from music lovers, promoters have come on board to take the duo on a 15 States Tour in the USA. As it stands, they will become the first Ghanaian Acts to do such with the last one being a 7 State Tour by another top Act in the country.

At the end of last year, Ruff & Smooth went for a European Tour, had shows and won an Award in Canada.

Good luck boys.**

Source: Adeyemi Adebayo Victor