Founder and General Overseer of the Synagogue Church, Prophet T.B. Joshua says in an unusual manner, God did not reveal the death of Ghana’s President, Professor John Evans Atta Mills, which occurred on Tuesday in Accra.

The renowned cleric in a mournful mood affirmed he would have intensified prayers to avert the sudden departure of the late President if he had received any revelation from God.

“The Ghanaian President was like a spiritual son to me so I could pray to God to avert the death, if I had received any revelation from him,” Prophet T.B. reportedly told reporters in Legos, Nigeria when commenting on the death of President Mills.

On that score, he revealed President Mills and other senior government officials had visited his temple thrice this year to receive special prayers, but God never revealed his death to him in all the three instances.

“Of course, I knew he had been ill for some time now and he had come for special prayers concerning his health thrice this year, and I and my other ministers had prayed fervently for him. I was so hopeful he would recover his health completely, but it is sad and only God knows best why he should die now,” he asserted.

Against that backdrop, Prophet TB Joshua expressed profound shock over the death of Prof. Mills and urged Ghanaians to remain calm in this torrid period.

T.B. Joshua added: “Mills was a very committed person in the things of God and also very dedicated. Each time he was in church, you could see the fervor and hunger and thirst for God written all over his countenance. He was a very dear son to me and I was his spiritual godfather.

“I know many persons will be saying how come my fervent prayers did not save his life. All I can answer such persons is, why God allowed Stephen in the New Testament Bible to be stoned to death. Why did God not save the life of Stephen, an innocent man, as he was being stoned, dying?

The answer is simply this: sometimes God allows things to happen for unknown reasons, and indeed reasons no man can explain, that is why God is Almighty Sovereign God; who indeed can question Him, who can challenge God?

“When we humanity eventually see God in the glorious city of Heaven, then, can we have answers to all our questions. For now, he can only get a 99 percent answer but never a 100 per cent answer”. **


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  1. linda chikumbi says:

    Don’t worry man of God e even christ himself went throw a lot of tribulations n remember its not every one whoz happy about u some pipo want to see u fall but God will kip lifting u n remember we have an enemy n some pipo have accepted to be used of the enemy let’s hope in God 4 he sticks closer than a friend


    Man of God dont mind anyone lieing against d prophet of God just forget about them bcos they dont know what they are doing.may God forgive them.

  3. Samuel nwokwu says:

    Thank u my prophet for the superb way and examples you show on this matter u’re really god prophet pls dont wast ur time and energy over this issue is just one their evil strategy i strongly no that they could not be able because he that is in u is strongly above he that is in the whole wideworld.

  4. Idowu peter says:

    I really tnk God 4 using u Prophet T.B Joshua,i hv seen Attah Mills so many times in ur church,but am surprised u did nt prophesy over his that u said God did nt reveal it to u,GOD is d all knowing..God bless u sir.

  5. zandile dzingira says:

    man of God these people dont know God’s plan & if God say something or do something no1 cn reverse or change it bcoz He is the Almighty who created & if he do smthing lets nt go against it plz

  6. Onomen says:

    Man of God don’t pay attention to wat ppl are saying cos they will always talk even wen there is no reason to. Wat u should be concerned abt now is dat it was God’s will and nobody can change his will.

  7. This world is a confusing one as we do not know where we re heading to, but our creator have the ans says:

    This world is a confusing one as we do not know where we re heading to, let’s send prayer to our creator 4a world that is better than this (PERIODE).

  8. Man of God, in anything you are doing if people don’t talk about you then you are nobody.don’t mine them,they want to use your image to promote their personal aggrandizement but God sees them.May God almighty continue to bless u and your ministry in Jesus name amen

  9. meya@high says:

    what will u gain b damaging the name of the man of God.
    That interview never took place and u people know it but u just want to spoil his name.
    Demons and their agents are responsible 4 abusing men of God.
    Remove this from ur site in God’s name

  10. Mina Sekhu says:

    The Man of God. I speak without doubt that u r a man of God. I’m praying day n night to see myself in 1 of your services. The devil will try to use whatever weapon to try to destroy u. De devil is a liar. God bless u more. Amen.

  11. joseph aniefiok says:

    This world is all about knitty gritty,it comes with trials and temptetions,not only that there are some people whose problems need to be solved by their prayer not only man of GOd. So wat ever they like say,let thm say,all I knw is that when God says things will happen it mst happn,no one can stop. They shld live the man of God alone let bygone bE bygone

  12. Christine groenewald says:

    These people they turn darkness into light and light into darkness,they call evil good and what is good they call it evil may the Lord have mercy on their soul.

  13. wiseman says:

    Watch Miracle tv its Urbert Angel who make prophesy about a president death in Africa and he didnt mention the name of the courty.

  14. Ifeanyi B. Obiaku says:

    Devil never rest nor stop tempting God's own people, my joy is the grace upon the great man of God, Prophet T.B Joshua, he always pray for those that fighting the light of God in his life…..The more they try, the stronger the light becomes…Halelujah, Emmanuel…. God is with us, no one can be against us… No man, woman or satan him self, can not and will never stop the work of God in ur life…… We will always pray for you man of God, Prophet T.B Joshua….. Please, do remember us, we that is here in Malaysia….. We need the touch from heaven, to be free from whatever evil hold that is behind our bad situations in Jesus name… Amen…… Emmanuel.

  15. kthobela says:

    “Touch not my anointed and do him no harm”.

  16. Don’t let the devils in human forms to surprise you ppl,the devil is working 24hrs every day just to bring down prophet TB Joshua,& God will never allow that to happen in Jesus name.

  17. MORRIS says:

    morris is my name am from ghana, this lies from the medias is not here in ghana and we know prophet tb josuha is a truely man of GOD so the press man and woman in nigeria should stop lieing on the prophet and also lives our late president to rest in peace. in any situations les give thanks to GOD.EMMANUEL

  18. Theophelus says:

    God knows very well why it happened as you say Man of God that there are somethings that God will let happen even after 40 days and 40 nights of true righteous prayer and fasting . GOD IS STILL SAYING SOMETHING. Have mercy on us Jesus.

  19. james calistus says:

    The people practising this act of blsphemy should first of all know about the consiquencies of what they are doing. you should stop fighting almighty God, because you will definitly destroy your self. when will you be tired of lies and concepiracy? can't you see that the more you try to pull my prophete down the more higher he goes there is nothing anybody can do to bring him down because nobody put him in the possition he is only Jesus Christ our saviour. so all of you agent of satan should decist from the act of distruction and come back to Jesus and be saved.

  20. Stanley Makuza says:

    At least the world can see that Prophets do not just say to gain popularity with mankind. They say what God REVEALS to them, if nothing is revealed, they dont say anything.

  21. henrydgreat c says:


  22. GODSWAY K ANNI says:

    I tank GOD 4 the life of my rollmoudly i love this wit all my heart.He is a man of peace humble panctuality honesty and above all a selfless leader.His death came as a shock to most of us.H.E. PROF. JONH EVANS FIIFI ATTAH MILLS HEDE NYUI MAWU NA NOR KPLI WO BABA!!!!!! BABA!!!!.

  23. Ejiofor says:

    God is with us! Dear Great Prophet no matter they say, we people of God are solidly behind you.

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