The Ghanaian politician loves to dabble in what I have christened as the politics of ‘situational convenience’.

Even when such needless convenience will inconvenience or jeopardise the future of the country, they care less in its execution so far as political power will be safe in their collective pocket.

This observation is borne out of what seems to be the ugly comments emanating from certain political fanatics as a result of the gruesome murder of the overlord of Bimbilla, Naa Andani and three others not too long ago. Will I be surprised if in 2016 the dastardly murder of this revered chief becomes a political tool in the hands of petty politicians in the NPP? Never!

I strongly surmise so because the typical African politician is an untrustworthy fellow with minimal or no measured sensitivity for the ordinary man. When the overlord of Dagbon, Ya-Naa Yakubu Andani II, fatally perished senselessly in the hands of his detractors, the NDC gleefully politicised this sad national affair to garner political rewards.

In fact, the NDC’s propagandists fired tonnes of accusations at the then NPP administration and never failed to promise the late chief’s family of finding the perpetrators of this heinous crime. Chairman Rawlings belatedly fouled the air of despair with his infamous recorded tape which he never produced.

Whatever security complacency during the erstwhile NPP administration that resulted in the death of the revered chief should not have been politicised by the NDC as of that time. Now, an almost similar dastardly drama has unfolded under the NDC’s administration and I wonder the sort of steps they will take to resolve the crime. As I posited earlier, I trust the NPP will not politicise this chieftaincy quagmire in 2016.

Beyond this cycle of political absurdity, one cannot forget the absurdities that the 2012 election brought along which were pathetic political pettinesses. The Dr Mensa Otabil tape readily comes to mind. The renowned parson on various occasions denied that he ever emphatically stated that free education was not possible. He claimed the said tape was doctored to pacify the parochial interest of a cross section of politicians.

Nevertheless, the NDC conveniently span the tape to its full length and achieved whatever mischief they sought to do. Just recently, President John Mahama also got entangled in a similar web of a doctored tape saga. He is alleged to have said on a tape that even if he makes the streets of Kumasi gold, the inhabitants of Kumasi will never appreciate it. The government communication team and the NDC propaganda machinery were fiercely unleashed to illuminate the dimming image of the president.

It is pretty obvious what goes around comes around. The NDC chewed its own fingers in an attempt to bite the fingers of the noble man of God. And the irony of the situation is that what the members of the NDC were running away from has become their capstone: free education in Ghana is possible. This timely admission by the President goes to support the axiom; it is only a fool who does not change his mind where necessary.

Politics of convenience is indeed crippling the development of the nation and destroying the image of well meaning Ghanaians. Until politicians across the divide stop this negative phenomenon, the bread and butter matters of the country will be held as insignificant and the progress of the country will be reduced to nothing.

I wonder how Mr Asiedu Nketiah feels when he enters the Jubilee house which is now called Flag staff house. The hencoop he claimed the Jubilee house was at the time of its construction has become the seat of the presidency. Is it not rather absurd for the President to have his office in a hencoop?

The political or economic progress of the country is a collective responsibility. The quest for political power by an individual or group of persons should not result in the under-development of the country. Genuine politics is a function of alternative good policies when existing ones are failing. So I expect the politicians of this country to think and not resort to politics of convenience for the sake of political power.

Ghana’s economic and fiscal outlook is pale and not palatable. We need to rise from our seemingly endless slumber and be counted among the mighty in the world. The financial handouts from donors and constant borrowing cannot salvage our deplorable economy.

The time has come to shun the idea of securing political power for its sake and translate the opportunity to govern into avenue for unifying the country around sound National Development Plan. Otherwise, our leaders will reduce this nation to a pathetic caricature that begs to survive.

Ghana deserves the best. The theatre of political absurdity in the country that thrives on political convenience must be closed. A new chapter of truth and selfless sacrifice must be opened for the sake of progressive development of the country. Until we get to this point, our economic and political strides will be a semblance of the rhythmic cacophony of one step forward, two steps backward.

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