Divorce lawyers keep smiling to the bank as their clientelle increases everyday. Many marriages are splitting up, and this is not just in Hollywood, the rate keeps skyrocketing even here in Nigeria.

Some women say it is not easy to keep the love of a Nigerian man. These men love good things, hence, their eyes never stop searching for more. And since, traditionally, polygamy is accepted, it becomes more difficult to sustain a marriage.

However, we bring you a few tips to help you stay married to a Nigerian man…

  • Men may be moved by what they see, but the fastest way to their hearts is through their stomach. It’s a well proven fact. No matter how broke you are as a lady,make sure the gas cylinder is always full. Learn how to cook variety of dishes. Know your husband’s favorite meal and perfect the art of cooking it.
  • Learn to appreciate your husband. No matter the little he does,learn to appreciate him. Go and learn his Oriki (praise singing) from his mum if you have to. Make it a habit to go on one knee to show your appreciation.  Even if the gown he buys for you is from ‘Bend Down Boutique’, bend on your knees and say ‘Thank You’. Infact,  try to find a reason to wear that gown that same day. Every guy, no matter the nationality,  loves to be appreciated.
  • You ever heard of rainy days? Even as a woman, learn to save money. Don’t use all your money to buy ‘asoebi’ or other frivolities. Yeah, we know your guy is rich, but some savings would come in handy in times of emergencies when your husband is not around. Show him that you are reliable and not just a lady that can spend as much as he makes. You’ll celebrate lots of wedding anniversaries that way.
  • You must love your husband’s family…especially your Mother-in-Law! You won’t believe this, but they are some girls out there these days who won’t marry guys whose mothers are still alive! Can you believe that??? And these same girls want to have sons that’ll get married too in the future! Anyway, care for your husband’s family. Even if they’re jerks,  let him see you’re making effort to make things work out with them. He’ll love you more for it.
  • Don’t nag your husband. Don’t you ever try that stupid nonsense. The day’s work is hard enough as it is. Never make that mistake. It’s either he  kicks  you out or he  leaves  the house. This tip is  key. Don’t nag him. Instead,  PET him. Pamper that overbloated ego of his. It’ll work wonders.
  • Get him a gift occasionally. You’ll awaken that child in him. He’ll love you to the high heavens. Get him a tie and tell him he looks handsome in it. Gifts unlock doors,babe!
  • Be interested in the things that interest him. Show interest in more than just his bank accounts. Encourage him in his hobbies. If he likes football, encourage him to have his friends over for drinks over a game of football. Learn to tolerate his likes. Don’t always be in his way. Infact find a way to involve yourself in the things he enjoys doing. You’ll be surprised how indispensable you’ll become.
  • If the way to a man’s heart is his stomach, sex will get you into his heart,head and ultimately his  wallet!
    Let’s not kid ourselves here…the sex must be good! You’re not supposed to lie down there like a log of wood while the man huffs and puffs on you. You must show him you’ve got fire in you! You must take the man to places he never imagined. Every style he demands, you must give to him. Even those he never heard of, give it to him! If he asks for a fellatio, blow his breath away. Keep him sexually satisfied. He’s your husband… He deserves to reach that peak of ecstacy. Lead him there. *winks*

Follow these tips and put Divorce lawyers out of business!

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