” What Really Was Dead”

The interest of students in hall week celebrations has dwindled to the point of extinction. Students on Legon campus don’t see the relevance of so many activities inculcated in hall week celebrations. The most criticized among them is the ” Artists Night”. Which hitherto was the climax of hall week celebrations. Poor organization of “Artists Night” was correlated to worse administration at the JCR and SRC level. However, the cherished image of “Artist Night” was then tarnished. People putting the blame on corrupt student leaders, who with their own selfish gains, quadrupled budgets and have pleasure in squandering innocent students money all in the name of week celebrations.

Others were also on the view that, “Artists Night” is strictly facing religious sabotage, especially “Christianity”. Flashbacks will tell you Legon is for chilling. There is nothing like spirituality in Legon. But that is not so recently, Christianity is very dominant. As I can’t justify this leaving Sabah Field Tonguing out. In fact that field is the mount Sarnia of legon. What?? Come and see men and women, “Krife” and Church goers, “Akatafor” and “Pooley” putting every business aside and tonguing like Jesus is coming tomorrow. I tell you, seeing is believing. Hahahaa don’t tell me it is tautology. Students now engage in Church activities and don’t have time for that “Artist Night”. Beside they have been introduced to (Ps. 1:1) which state ” Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful” . Which defines clearly that, they should not be seen in such events. But we the “krife” people will like to give what is Caesar’s to Caesar and what is God to him though. But we don’t want to be fished out, therefore we conform. No “Artists Night” even if we wish to because the love of God constraint us and not our will, but the will of the one, that has called us from the darkness into his marvelous light. Can I hear believers responding Amen!! ( hahahaaaa). But wait!! Don’t we have Gospel Rock Shows at the beginning of every week celebrations? I think the Christians prefer that one.. Oh Tweaaa!!! Attendance recorded from the the dead “Artists Night” is twice what is recorded from the Gospel Rock Show. Don’t let me go there koraa..

So now it is clear, interest in hall week events are dead. Students don’t want “Artists Night” again. Not even the Gospel show, it should be cancelled from week celebrations. This is the status quo, students don’t have interest in it anymore, “Artists Night” is now dead, we all pray for it extinction. Bam!!! But I studied something in Psychology which speaks of spontaneous recovery, it is applied when conditioned stimulus no longer elicit a response. Meaning there is still hope for “Artists Night”. Ezekiel and Job in the Bible should serve as a lodestar. Oh see oo , Mensah Sabah Hall too, you’ve included “Artists Night” in your week celebrations. Don’t say I didn’t warn you guys. But wow !! Thanks to “Dumsor” it didn’t flop. Students were forced out of their hot rooms which was like hell to “Artists Night”. Meaning we should arrange with ECG whenever we are having such events if indeed we want to revive “Artists Night”. Attendance was fantastic. But can we make such arrangements? The answer is a big NO!!! Meaning the status quo still stands. So who is going to bring resurrection?

Legon Hall, the premier hall in the premier university. It is your turn to celebrate, please I don’t want to be tagged the Prophet of doom but it will be of you own good to exclude “Artists Night”, dumsor was at the rescue of Sabah Hall, maybe it will not be so friendly with you looking at what they have been doing to the diaspora. Huh! What, Vodafone What? Mtchewww, is that the solution, Vodafone X. I know their concerts have been successful in the various university campuses but believe me not here in Legon and not in the dead “Artists Night”. Oh poor them, only if they knew, they would’ve selected other campuses, Legon is a wrong target. But well, Let’s see, maybe they will bring the revival. But I want to give them this “Apor” free tips, they should contact ECG if they don’t want to run at a loss. What again!!! They are bringing Sarkodie, like seriously, I hope it is not just puppetry and deception, because that will brutalize “Artists Night” even in it grave. I mean a sort of fatality. Oh poor “Artists Night” only if you have mouth, you would’ve warned these people, you dying are all the cause of disappointment and promise and fail tactics and they have decided to follow that trend. Hmmmm!! But if they keep their promise, that will be a turn over I guess. Sarkodie, why you, my Legend, I pray you were not a victim of this, hmmm your shows has always been recording million attendance but forgive Legon this time around, thousand will be a miracle. But I wish you well. You’re still the best anyway.

And finally the resurrection….

What! Multitude, multitude, someone should wake me up because I’m dreaming the impossible. Is that the dead “Artists Night”? Congratulations to the Legon Hall JCR, they have proven “Penyin de Penyin “. And to Vodafone X, Let’s Not Pretend, concert of the year. Where from all these people? I thought students are no more interested in “Artists Night” again ooo. My God! Come and see we the “Krife”, the “Adamusas”, “Akatafor” and “Pooley” and they so called “Established Christians” dancing to the tune of SarkCess music. Tomorrow is joint service but ” yentie obia” the real Caesar to Caesar. Sarkodie has really resurrected “Artists Night”. See how Legon is shaking and students. screaming..”Sarkodie, Sarkodie” to the extent of students now saying ” We wish every week was an “Artists Night”. Wow!!! What a shock!! Resurrection at long last. This is what is called spontaneous recovery. Bravo, Obideponbide, Gratias, Sarkology, Thanks, SarkCess music. For the restoration, You really administered the pill and brought solution to Legon disease and resurrected ” Artists Night”. Now we award you Sarkodie PhD.

So now, who really resurrected “Artists Night”, was it Legon Hall JCR? Vodafone X Concert or the Boss, Sarkodie and SarkCess Music. You are free to share you thoughts.

Watch Sarkodie and Pappy Kojo’s performance at legon below…

To Watch The Video CLICK HERE

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Ebenezer Owusu Acheampong
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