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 Why do you need a website?

Before we answer this question, tell us one thing: “why would you like to start a new outlet or office under a favorable situation”? We know the answer – you want to expand your business. In this on demand world, a website can do much more for you and at a much lower cost.

Here are some information that may help you to understand why you need a website.


As a retailer or shop owner you need a website for the following reasons:

  • A website can help you to develop a new avenue to sell your products online.
  • You may use the website as a retail outlet without actually spending on establishment or salaries of storefront salesman etc.
  • The website can help your target market to get information on what you sell and may order things online.
  • You may reach a bigger audience than what you would have got by starting a retail outlet. You actually overcome geographical bondage.
  • Depending on your product line, you may even eliminate inventory cost.
  • When a prospective buyer enters the supermarket, your competitors work hard to get them. However, you have no competitors once they reach your website. Thus there are high chances of a better conversion ratio, more sales and more profits.
  • More importantly, you need a website because your competitor got one.

A Web site is practically a necessity for attracting new customers in today’s marketplace, but many small business owners haven’t made the time or found the resources to create one


As a company or organization, you need a website for the following reasons:

  • You may use the website as a comprehensive platform to showcase your products or services. The target audience can refer to your website for more information on your product or services.
  • Brand/product promotion: Good branding does not mean that you must follow traditional media. Your website can be a great platform to promote your brand. This is especially true for small business houses. And that’s not all. You can actually save a lot of money by updating new product information online rather than reprinting brochure or product catalogs.
  • Reaching out to target audience as and when they want: What do you do when you need something? Don’t you Google it even at midnight? Your website can do the same for your target audience.
  • Clear articulation and better communication: No other media provides so much flexibility as internet. You can use videos for product demo or virtual tour, text to highlight salient points, images to show the product, interactive charts to engage the user etc. All you need is to plan it properly.
  • Better customer satisfaction by listening to them: You need a website if you want to listen to customer feedback. Your website can offer you a huge pile of data on what the target audience needs and depending on that you can improve your product or business plan.
  • Direct relationship with clients: You can actually directly communicate with your target audience via your web interface and improve your relationship with the end-users.
  • Nothing is lost: In real world if someone appreciates your product or service, you can not normally store it to show other people. But you can actually showcase them in your website to attract more clients. Apart from that you can also showcase product reviews done by real people in different social networks like Facebook / Twitter / Orkut. Testimonials from real people do wonder to businesses.
  • Your Personal Channel: You need a website if you need a channel to fight against the negative feedbacks about your company or products. This can actually help you to actively communicate with your target market.

Not yet convinced about why you need a website?

  • Normally an offline business cannot offer services round the clock. But if you have a website your service/product can be accessed 24/7. Your company actually works when you are sleeping.
  • Your target market is looking for your product online. If you do not have a website, you are losing them.
  • People really expect you to have a website.

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