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There is a reason I shudder to discuss issues of sex involving a male celebrity and a female fan [or any other woman for that matter], except if it amounts to rape.

There have been recent reports on gospel musician Brother Sammy that he has impregnated an up and coming musician Ohemaa Jacky who is based in the United Kingdom and has refused taking responsibility of the pregnancy, threatening the lady to abort the pregnancy.

Since the issue broke, a lot of people have criticized Brother Sammy and expressed their disappointment in the man of God. In as much as Christianity frowns on adultery, and that we must not condone acts such as Brother Sammy’s, it is also worthy of note that Brother Sammy didn’t rape the lady. At least the lady has not said so – so it was consensual and not compulsive. There are a lot of Jezebels out there always trapping male celebrities or showbiz people who are in the limelight. Some of these ladies don’t even care if the man they pine for is married. I know some ladies who are dying to meet Sarkodie, just to sleep with him. They know they can’t have him as husband; all they want is sex.

These ladies abound in the church, at the work place and particularly on social media. I know a lady who through Facebook got to know a radio presenter. She tried all she could to sleep with the presenter and four other friends of the presenter. It was not as though the presenters were the first to have expressed interest in her; she proposed love to them, kept worrying them with calls until she caught them in her net.

Honestly, our society has never been fair to men when it comes to these sexual matters. It is always said women are the weaker sex but that is a big lie – women are the stronger sex! We are too quick to judge that once a lady has come out to level an allegation of sexual immorality against a man, then the man is the devil in the equation. But we also fail to acknowledge the fact that women are so powerful that it is easier for a woman to lure a man into bed than for a man to flee from the luring woman.

Mind you, I am not saying that just because ladies make themselves available to male celebrities, they should sleep with them. No! I am only drawing our attention to the fact that there could be plausible reasons behind the reasons these ladies usually adduce in defending themselves against the men. Since the days of the Biblical Eve, women have been a major force of gravity that easily pulls men down. Yes, Joseph was able to flee Potiphar’s wife but how many of such Joseph’s can we have today. I think this is a big lesson to male showbizers people out there. The fact that the ladies cheapen themselves doesn’t mean you should always have your way with them. You never know what they are up to.

Some are devil’s incarnates who are in to wreck your career. Some are agents of spiritual forces who have been sent to destroy you. Of course, sex is not only a physical act – sex has spiritual connotations too. The fact that a lady is dumping herself on you doesn’t mean you should cheaply use her. There are a lot of emotionally unstable women wandering about. Some just need little attention to forget their past pains and jilts. Once you give them the attention they need, they are ready to give you everything. But the question of how they would react when the ‘unwanted’ happens is the big puzzle. That reaction could be deadly.

I have heard of people say men in showbiz are womanizers. That generalization isn’t entirely true. Of course, there is a higher tendency for a male showbizer to engage in indiscriminate sex but what drives them into it is what must always be taken into consideration. I am not a misogynist; I am just being objective.

Aside those that are naturally Casanovas, there are others that do so by the pressure from their female admirers. At that stage, most women want to have you so the least chance they get, they let you sleep with them – thinking by so doing you will stay forever. After realizing that the sex cannot let them have you, they start to demand huge things from you lest they implicate you in rape cases or other criminal charges. In fact, dealing with women is a big issue among male celebrities. It is a shame that Brother Sammy is going through all this, especially when he is a gospel artiste.

It is a disgrace to the Christian religion but we must also note that he is human and that what drove him into sleeping with Ohemaa Jacky may be justifiable. Brother Sammy could possibly have been lured by Ohemaa Jacky, so we should not be quick to judge him. This is the reason I find it difficult to slam male celebrities who are reported to have been engaged in any sexual misconduct.

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